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itsfiona BE RESPONSIBLE. Google it, anyone can google this address belongs to one of the CommonWealth Bank. That's the billing address when people adding the bank account or card on PayPal. It's the truth no need to say more about the truth everybody knows. I've told u but u still chose to post my item. Plz be responsible for others and also for urself.

Thanks to the experience with you that now i understand not to trust people so easily and not to buy any branded or expensive item through online that you dont get to see item first. You sold me a counterfeit item and denied when confront. Why would i go through the length of googling your address when paypal provide the address to me? You should be the one taking responsibility for your action. Trying to scam my money for a counterfeit item. Who know how many people you have already do this to


maamsworld A+ buyer , Fast Payment ! Happy To deal It . Pleasant transaction!

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