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mina.selling Sweet buyer! Punctual! Pleasant transaction! Thank you!


tanyakk11 Great buyer to deal with!


cathy.wg DONT SELL TO THIS BUYER! Put in an offer and didn't respond for 3 days. Even messaged to find out if she still wanted the item but got no response for days. Because of that I lost actual interested buyers as she didn't respond and also had placed in an offer. Later, blamed she didn't know I don't do pickup when it was clearly stated that I am only selling item through mail/delivery. In the end didn't want item after putting in offer if I didnt want to meet up with her. Unpleasant experience.

Lol first of all, i explained & apologized, i NEVER recieved your messages due to the notifications not popping up. Yes i was 3 days late, but after that i kept replying as fast as i could. I only assumed there was a pick up/meet up option, because people usually have it mentioned in the description for the item being sold. At the end, i said i would buy the item if you were willing to let me either pick it up or meet up other than that, i did not trust postage. Unpleasant experience? OK 😂

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