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The video games industry has been booming since the 90s, and their technological advancements have opened many doors for the world of gamers. If you're big on video gaming, you might have ventured and tried every console there is around. Remember Atari? While it might not be as popular as before, old-school gaming devices are making a comeback. Companies and gamers alike are refurbishing the old gaming consoles to give it a new life. If you're into retro games or retro gaming, check out Carousell for great deals and rare finds from collectors and gamers online. You might not find it anywhere else. If you're looking to buy secondhand video game consoles, the name favourites are from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. If you're into Sony and you want to keep it retro, you can find a Sony PlayStation 2 or a Sony PlayStation 3 in our marketplace. But, if a PS2 or PS3 is outdated and you're all about the latest in gaming, you can find the latest Sony PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro on Carousell too. The PS4 series is one of the most popular items on Carousell. Plus, you can make it portable by going for a PS Vita. If you're team Microsoft, an Xbox is your best friend when it comes to gaming. While Xbox 360 is living out its years, you can buy a new Xbox One X or Xbox One S to keep up with the gaming advancements. Another longstanding favourite is Nintendo with its gaming consoles like a Nintendo DS and the new and improved Nintendo Switch. The DS was the first in its move to make gaming portable. With releases like the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL and the freshly released Nintendo 2DS. You can buy a Nintendo Switch instead if you're futureproofing your Nintendo gaming console with an array of exclusives. If an upgrade is on the way, you can also choose to sell your used video game consoles on Carousell. With the money you'll earn, you can offset your upgrades and get a better deal. The world will never be short of gamers so turn your preloved games into cash with Carousell today.