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Watches are a fashionable accessories that can complement an outfit and express one’s individuality. Watches have the function to tell time, and they are also symbolic items that make great gifts, especially when you are celebrating a significant milestone or achievement. Carousell provides all types of watches, for example designer watches, fashion watches, luxury watches, or even inexpensive watches for everyday wear. If you’re a fan of wearing accessories such as necklaces and rings, try for a loud or chunky fashion watch to complete your outfit! Carousell have plenty of bold yet elegant watches that would go nicely with other women’s accessories. Some of our favorites include the Women's Quartz Wrap Around Leather Bracelet Wrist Watch and the Women's Leather Strap Casual Simple Style Round dial Watch. If you are into a minimalist, try to wear watch with a simple face and slim strap instead. There are plenty of colours and finishes to choose from on Carousell. Our collection vary from plain gold watches, rose gold watches, or even simple quartz watches in leather / faux leather straps. These classic watches styles are super chic and easy to match! The Women's Geneva Gold Tone Mesh Band Round Dial Analog Quartz Wrist Watch is one of our favourite. Perhaps if you’re more of a practical woman who prefers to opt for inexpensive watches to wear every day, worry not! Carousell has plenty of low-priced watches that look and feel good. Some of our favourites include the Women's Fashion Geneva Roman Leather Quartz Wrist Watch and the Original Women Men New PU Watches. These watches are trendy enough for everyday wear, yet inexpensive but with great quality. Shopping online on Carousell is safe and we guarantee it. If you don’t get the item you purchased, get your money back with Carousell Guarantee. If you are unsure which seller to buy item from, try to read our seller’s rating and review to find trusted sellers easily. Join our Carousell community and start shopping today! Buy Preloved & New Fashion Watches for Women Online Only at Carousell Australia Choose all your favourite Swiss-made watches, gold watches, leather watches, and crystal watches only at Carousell Australia. Put it on your wrist for a lifetime, passing it on in time-honored tradition to your daughter as a beloved heirloom. Prestige and grandeur watches will make their mark in the perfect watch, creating a classic look that suits you perfectly. There are various types of Women's Watches, for example: · Women's Fashion Watches Fashion watches usually crafted for glamorous appeal and it bring an element of glitzy flair to any outfit. They often made with gold-tone accents and occasionally even set with gems, fashion watches show that timepieces can also be used as beautiful jewelry. Thanks to this, they are not always packed with the versatile timekeeping features you would expect from a sports watch. Instead, fashion watches feature intricate bands, ostentatious ornamentation, and stylish dials. · Women's Designer Watches Designer watches usually combine impeccable timekeeping with artisan craftsmanship, making them the symbols of sophistication and refinement. Designer watches generally display the brand name proudly on the dial It’s because their name is so prominently attached to these watches, therefore the brands ensure that they are high-quality, means that you can be certain you are getting a good product when you buy a designer watch. · Women's Casual Watches If you are worried that your fashion watches ruin because you wore it daily, you can always wear casual watches to provide reliable timekeeping and versatile style to ensure that you stay on top of all your commitments and look great doing it. Casual watches will usually accessorise well with whatever you happen to wear, and because they are designed for everyday use they are durably crafted to ensure longevity. · Women's Sports & Fitness Watches Sports watches combine flair, efficiency, and durability. Sports watches usually constructed with high shock-resistance and feature slim, compact sizes that never disturb you or snag on your clothing. They make the most of this unobtrusive design by offering practical features like timers, calendar displays, stopwatches, and even pedometers. This straightforward features focus on convenience does not mean that sports watches compromise on style, though. Most of them are very colourful and jazzy to match your exercise clothes. · Women's Smart Watches Innovative smartwatches brings the concept of timekeeping into the new century, provide many of the same amenities as a smartphone with the convenience of a wristwatch. Smartwatches work through Bluetooth, and will connect to your phone and keep you updated on what is going on in your social media. You can also set your smartwatch to notify you about your fitness, upcoming calendar events, help you navigate with GPS, play your music, and tell the time.

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