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bubbleetea Scammer!!! Sold me an item. Was fake!!! Abusive and pushy towards her sale. She had 2 negative reviews now so justify. Calling me a scammer when i don't even scam. Check out my page if you want to know who on carousell scamming people. My page specialises in people who are real scammers. Message me if you spot anyone who you find fishy

My item was not fake. Blaming people is your specialty. Your the fishy one not showing up to meet ups. If she wants to buy items from you be careful.


pamelap111 Great buyer to deal with! Punctual! Pleasant transaction! Speedy replies Thank you!


chrissypol Very aggressive buyer. She didn't read my ad properly &kept asking questions that were clearly in ad. She was constantly harassing me with messages (10 plus in a row) even after I explained to her I was busy at the time &couldn't reply but she ignore me &kept sending constant messages, being very pushing &demanding me to reply. I was so overwhelmed, I had to block her. I was clear in my ad &meeting place but she kept changing mind about location making things very difficult for me in every way.

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