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sincetheninetys Got worked up and left a negative feedback cus I backed out of a deal which she already explained on private message for which I have proof on 12th June and then waiting 3 days to leave a negative feedback shows you in poor light. This has really hurt me and spoiled my day and I was very nice to you and I'm extremely sorry for wasting time. I do get a lot of deals from a lot people and it doesn't go through due to various reasons and I'm not justifying my experience, but there a way to handle.

3 years ago

I understand that you may not have wanted to go through with it but you made an offer first and THEN started asking about the details of the item (e.g. swatches). In my opinion, you need to be sure about what you're making an offer for, so it would've been more logical to ask the questions in the beginning and only making an offer when you're 100% sure you want to buy it. Otherwise buyers will see you as a time waster.

3 years ago

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