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imiray1 Really good seller, just needs to reply faster and know when meet up is. And definitely needs to say if item is fake or real because she said it's authentic and it's FAKE, and ignores messages a lot of the time when I'm purchasing a product I need to know if it's fake or real when I asked if it's authentic she ignored.

im sorry but that’s actually hilarious, you were so annoying with the amount of times you messaged me, every five minutes and it’s a new message like relax and give me a second to reply, your very aggressive and need to calm down. People have lives and can’t be sitting there replying to you as soon as you message. I didn’t even reply to some of your messages because you sent so many so excuse me if you were mistaken but it was listed in my add anyway so I don’t know why you asked dumb questions


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Please no time wasters! Everything is authentic. Pick up at my address in Hinchinbrook which will be given once a deal is made .. If not may be able to set up a meeting at either Liverpool station or Stocklands we thrill park shopping centre