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kittygurl95 Traded with me on 30Dec, & asked me to mail out hers asap. As requested I did asap and after she received, she then told me she cannot mail cos she is very busy give her some time. I waited so long but she still nt mailing. Ridiculously, she even said her friend will help her mail but after again, no response!! Idk how she get so many +ve feedback, but pls deal at ur own risk. She may hav many +ve feedback previously, but dont be deceived by tat. She went MIA now. She cheated 2 of my items fyi!!

hello hv alred mailed it!!! sorry was inactive but do tell me when uve received it!


shoppong EDITED: before the trade, I alr asked her many time to send me pic(as promised) of the clothes she's giving me as I was trading my button down skirt that's rtp AUD$50+ I saw her feedbacks saying her grabbag is 'very nice' so I trusted her n on the mu day,she gave me an ORANGE co top, no brand PANTS:c I had a cash deal for the skirt. shld hv gone for that._. now that I wanted to exchange one item, she not really free to mu anymore. STILL MIA?? DEAL WITH HER AT UR OWN RISK ‼️‼️


chucked. sorry for not giving you something to ur likin and i hope u like the refund item i gave!would hope to deal again :)

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