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  • jinkohbells

    This one, I found one bag from carosell. It was about $40- It ended up I didn't purchase that bag. Several days later I saw that bag again from this seller pricing $80's!!?? (She posted exactly same photos from previous owner. I msged the previous owner about this, and even she was quite surprised. She sold that bag about $30 and this non sense one reselling that bag with much more expensive price on it. Seriously do not get anything from this one. Do not waste your time and money.

  • lexskyler

    oh god thats awful. thanks for the heads up. xx

  • 131166

    Wow this sounds awful. Sorry you had to go through it.



2 years ago by lvsarose






I didn't think that there would be a day where I post a negative comment about as seller here. BUT THIS PERSON I CANT BELIEVE HER! 😡Firstly, we agreed to 'meet up' after she comes back from overseas but because she just came back from overseas, she doesn't want to meet up with me at the station when it's only a few minutes away from her house! Okay, she's tired fare enough, I want to try on the shoe before buying it anyways so I'll meet her condition and just pick it up from her place. *I live almost 1.5hrs away from hurtsville and took public transport and need to switch multiple train rides just to get to the destination* 😡Secondly, I told her that I'll be at her house before 11! I kept my word! I was outside her house around 10:45, messaged her to ask if she can come down to meet up with me or tell me her unit number! There was no replies! I thought, maybe I should wait a bit longer for her to reply and it's already 11:10 and I was in a hurry to catch the 11:35 train for my appointment at the city, she didn't reply back! I kindly gave her another 10min but still there was no reply! In between those times, I tried asking people who was walking out of the unit if they know a women name 'sasa' (I believe that was her name, judging from the name 'sasa's waredrobe') no one knew who i was talking about, fair enough. I STOOD WAITING OUTSIDE OF HER UNIT FOR 30MINUTES LIKE AN IDIOT! WITH NO MESSAGE REPLY OR EVEN HER ATTEMPT TO CHECK OUTSIDE HER UNIT TO SEE IF IVE ARRIVED SINCE ITS ALREADY PAST OUR MEET UP TIME 11! 😡THIRDLY! THIS IS WHAT FRUSTRATES ME! SHE HAS THE TIME TO POST MULTIPLE NEW ITEMS TO SELL ON HER PAGE BUT DOES NOT HAVE THE TIME TO EVEN REPLY TO ME AND GIVE ME AN EXPLANATION OR APOLOGY ?!?!?! I was hoping that she can maybe give me an explanation of what happened or even an apology for not replying my messages and possibly we can negotiate another meet up time but no! AFTER THIS! NO! Surely she does get positive feedback, BUT FOR SOMEONE WHO DOESNT REPLY TO THE MESSAGES NOR EVEN GIVE ME AN EXPLANATION OF WHAT HAPPENED/ APOLOGY?!? SHE'S A TIME WASTER!

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