✠PC®Computer Core™i7+3.60Ghz•500.GB•ATi•1050p•Win10•Office2016•GTA•WiFi✠

Sydney, Australia

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✠PC®Computer Core™i7+3.60Ghz•500.GB•ATi•1050p•Win10•Office2016•GTA•WiFi✠ POWER FAST COMPUTER PC : Details of the Computer PC : ® Core™i7 SPEED Processor 3.6Ghz Speed ATI RADEON HD 3600 Can be Upgrade FUll +HD 1680x1050p 4.GB DDR3 Easy to Upgrade to 16.GB +WiFi Power Fast • Include the Screen • Include Keyboard • Include Mouse • Include All the Cables • WiFi Power Full for heavy program Windows 10 Pro • 64.Bit Microsoft Office 2016 USB Post Perfect working GTA Game been install All the apps there Wide screen hight resolution 1920x1080p Wellcome to inspection DvD-/+RW Any question All include just $379 include All Great Deal txt Or Call & Email