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100% Organic Garden Honey from Western Australia 🍯


Serangoon MRT Interchange (NE12/CC13)





Honey 🍯: AUD$20 for 500grams cause you know, it takes a lot of effort to harvest + I will get stung. Beeswax: AUD$5/ 50grams. Will come in a block form! Very useful for making cosmetics or polishing furniture. Then you know this is harvested with love 💕 + it doesn’t go to evil greedy multinational corporations. The money earned will be raised for those children in those 3rd world countries. So good cause you know you feel good about doing good indirectly. 🤩 It’s homegrown because in the Australian home I live in, they keep bees 🐝. So they make honey so you can be assured it’s like super fresh and organic. We sell wax as well! Here’s the description of the honey and why you should buy it. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 My honey is Raw or unprocessed honey. It is only harvested when the bee frame has been capped with a layer of wax. We call it “ripe” honey. It means that the water content is less than 20%. Typically it’s around 17%. If the water content is higher than 20%, heat is applied to drive out moisture. When Honey is heated above 50C , the enzymes are destroyed. Most supermarket honey are processed meaning that their honey suppliers cannot harvest their honey only when it’s fully capped. They place their hives in the forest. When the flowers are gone, they have to relocate. So they’ll sell their honey to people like Wescobee or Capalino who then checks the water content. If the water content is higher than 20%, then heat is used to reduce the water. Check the supermarkets. You’ll see that they all would say “100% Australian honey”. As soon as you see the label stating Raw or Unprocessed Honey, the price jumps up. The usual honey is then only sugar water with very little health properties. West Australian honey is particularly good because we don’t have bee disease. Manuka honey is poisonous if taken in large quantities. It is very good for treating wounds. Don’t buy China honey because they use antibiotics to treat their bees. Usually placed on the landing board. The bees than carry the antibiotics into the honey and into our food chain. Also honey will turn sour if water is greater than 20%. Otherwise honey doesn’t have a “used by” date. Honey found in the Pyramids are still edible. But sour honey can still be consumed and often sold as mead. My honey is “garden honey” the bees get the honey from homes and fly a radius of 5 km to search for nectar. The flavour changes with the season and depending on what flowers are around. I hope that gives you a good idea of my honey. 🍯🍯🍯

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