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SOGA Car Vacuum Cleaner to effectively clean hard to reach spaces inside the car. The SOGA Car Vacuum Cleaner is a light, easy-to-store vac which takes the pain out of cleaning the car. Powered directly from your in-car 12V/cigarette socket, it has a long 5m cable to reach throughout the vehicle and over 120W of suction power. A hassle-free bagless vacuum, it can hold almost a pint of dry dirt before it needs to be emptied and the filters are removable, so they can be cleaned to keep the vac working well. This vacuum comes with a two piece tool set to get those hard-to-reach spots, like under and between seats. Description: Car vac powered by in-car 12V/cigarette socket Suction Power of 30 Mbar Dirt capacity - 470ml Tool kit for hard to reach places Removable filters for easy cleaning and maintenance Easy to Clean Longer Durability Competitive Price Around Australia Market Specification: Power: 120W Voltage: 12V Cable Length: 5 Meters Length: 350mm Width : 90mm Height: 85mm Weight: 1kg Colour Available: Black, White, Blue and Orange

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