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2017 High Quality Fashion Style Down Jacket Ultra Light The Latest Design This is the latest 2017 ultra light down jacket design available. It is made to look smart, fashionable and trendy. Compared to other down jackets. This one is looks much better in terms of quality, design and Feature. High Quality The material and design is high quality. It is made from nylon material which makes it ultra light weight, wind proof and water proof. Furthermore, it looks, durable, fresh and clean. It is a new material technology in clothing that provide so many benefits. Comfort The jacket is so comfortable that you just feels so good wearing it. It feels like a very light weight, clean and smooth coat that will give you no discomfort. It is super light which allow you to feel barely anything there. It is smooth and clean allowing you to wear for a long period of time. Durable Wearing the jacket over and over again will barely age. Because the durability of nylon is very strong, the colour and density of the material does not change. It looks good even after many weeks of wear. You can wear the jacket again after years. High Value This design is good as many of the top brands. It is different, however the material and design is very similar. Save money by being at less cost. This jacket offers fantastic high quality jacket for less cost. Product Details Colour: Black Only Material: 100% Nylon (Exterior). Duck Down (Interior). Ultra lightweight 240 grams No hood design Portable storage pocket included. Jacket can be fold up into a small size. Water resistant Wind resistant X-Small/Small Size Sleeve Length: 58 cm Armpit-to-armpit: 48 cm Height from collar to hem: 59.5 cm Small/Medium Size Sleeve Length: 60 cm Armpit-to-armpit: 50 cm Height from collar to hem: 63 cm Medium/Large Size Sleeve Length: 62 cm Armpit-to-armpit: 53.5 cm Height from collar to hem: 64.5 cm

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