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Features: - This 3 in 1 BBQ Pit Smoker is extremely versatile and produces beautiful results. This unique BBQ Barrel can be used for BBQ grilling, food smoking, slow cooking and can even be used as a fire pit! The Barrel is cleverly designed to be collapsible meaning the kit is easily portable and convenient to store. - The Barrel BBQ is made from steel coated in black porcelain and comes with many accessories including a large 43cm grill grid and cross bar with 4 hooks for hanging meat when smoking. The lid has a built in temperature gauge and each section has Bakelite handles. - Use the Pit Smoker as a normal BBQ with the grill grid provided. Or create beautifully flavoured smoked food by hanging fish or racks of ribs from the hanging hooks. Or even slow cook delicious dishes using the water pan to keep the food moist and tender. When all the - cooking is finished take off the top two sections and relax by the side of the Barrel fire pit. - • 3 Sections for Grilling, Smoking & Roasting - Water Bowl for Steaming or Smoking - Lid Cross Bars & Hooks for Smoking - Chrome Plated Cooking Grills - 2 Side Ventilation Doors - Adjustable Air Vent - Ash Tray with Grate - Built in Thermostat - Twin Side Handles - Black Finish Specifications: dimensions: 43cvm*43cm*25cm 5kg Usage: Commercial Kitchen Home Cooking Package Includes: 1x3 in 1 BBQ and Grill Smoker 1x Carton

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