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Brand New in Box 3M Knifeless Tape Designline - Green, 10m I bought this a few months ago, but have no use for it now. Get creative and customise your vehicle's outward appearance exactly the way you envision. This 3M Knifeless Tape from Designline is intended for exterior vehicle applications such as designing and applying single layer car wraps. How easy is it to use? When applying this 10 metre tape to the vehicle surface it must be laid down straight. The filament needs to remain in the centre of the tape or it won't cut smoothly. Once applied to the surface just rub your finger back over the tape to ensure the entire length has adhered properly to the area. Next, place your chosen film over the tape, onto the surface and strongly squeegee it down. Rub the squeegee very firmly against the film covering the raised tape edge to ensure the tape will grip the film properly to cut through without leaving rough edges. Keep the tape angle directly over the film and pull it continuously at an angle of around 30 to 45 degrees between the surface and the filament. Do not pull from directly above as this will create rough edges and bubbles on the film. Once done, lift off the excess film, followed by both halves of the tape and admire your smooth, professional result. 10m Green Used to cut through a single layer of any designer wrap Essential tool for any wrap job.

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