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$4 Absolute Bargain - Brand New Genuine Apple Logo Stickers







Please read all details within the following product description below. (Click “Read / See More” / (PLUS / Addition Symbol (Logo / Sign / Representation / Character / Mark / Figure / Icon / Ikon / Emblem / Indication) Highly recommended $4 Absolute Bargain - Brand New Genuine Apple (Official Manufacturer) Logo Stickers (x 4 / Four of them up) as stated in the title. Still fully functional and effective up for sale / selling right now / to sell Looking / calling for all those people who fit these following Categories (category) and more of: Compact / Small / Light / Lite / Lightweight / Weight / Accessory / Accessories / Travel / Travelling / Home / Office / Work / Admin / Administration / Administrative / Assorted / Assortment / Assortments / Variety / Various / Varieties / Variation / Variations / Misc. / Multi (Multipurpose (MP) / Multiple / Several / Many / A Lot / Lots) Purpose / Miscellaneous and for those users out there. About / Features & Descriptive details: Found in iPod touch (iTouch, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th Generation (Gen / Gens / Generations) / Tweens Nano / Shuffle, iPhone (2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 7, 8, 10, X, XS, 5C, SE, Plus, Maxx, XR, 11), iPad (2, 3, Mini, Retina Display, Air, Pro), etcetera (etc / so on / forth / all the rest like) box. Color / Colour Shiny Winter White It is a (or they are / they’re) unisex (male and female) item / items. This is brand new and unused (never used). Not once / ever. It’s just in an absolutely (utterly / totally / completely / extremely / in total) immaculate (perfect / flawless / pure / pristine / crisp / spotless / squeaky clean as a new pin / gleaming / stainless / unblemished / not blemished / faultless) condition. Quite sellable (merchantable / vendable / vendible / marketable / mkt bl / capable of being sold / fit for sale / able to be marketed / saleable / salable. Comes / coming from an entirely / solely and very strictly nonsmoking (non / zero smoking permitted / no smoke) and pet / animal free environment. Now no longer required (vital / expected / obliged / needed) (not compulsory) for my use anymore (any more) whatsoever (at the least / in any way / by any means / at the slightest / of any kind). I have not used this item (and / or any of these other items listed) at all for a really long time and neither am I going / (intending / wanting) to do so and I am hoping that it can be sold and go to a good home for someone else who really wants it / them and will make great / the most use and especially the very best out of it. The price has been set to be fixed (firm / unchanged / not changed / unmoved / stable / definite / certain / solid) and is not negotiable / nonnegotiable. Any offers given / made won’t (will not) be accepted nor allowed and will be happily ignored (rejected / refused / abandoned / declined / denied). The items have been greatly, more than generously and significantly reduced. If you don’t wish to pay the advertised price as it is clearly listed and presented (displayed / shown / appeared) here then I strongly suggest that you purchase and obtain this item or these items from some one (body / where) (somebody / someone / somewhere) else (elsewhere). See photos (pics / pix / photography taken) on top of webpage (on line website / web site / page / pg). Have a look at the pictures above and if you do need a further clarification or more information (info / data) or have any other questions (queries / enquiries / inquiries / requests / a question (query / enquiry / inquiry / request)) whatsoever then please do not hesitate to simply contact me via Gumtree and Carousell online or mobile (cell phone call / text message (Txt Msg / SMS) / WhatsApp International Communication Services) at any time if you are interested. Please feel free to do so as you wish / like. Everything asked about regarding the specific product (products in particular) requested (asked for) will always be followed up continually (frequently / constantly / consistently / on an ongoing basis) until I’m 100% (1 / one hundred percent / per cent) sure that the buyer / purchaser has made a final decision on whether or not they want to make the purchase ultimately. Please don’t waste my time and keep me waiting. I need to know if I am selling at the end of it. Payment (Payments / Pmt / Pmts) must be made in full / total by cash ONLY. Correct coins change / notes / bills (coin / note / bill) denominations to be ready will be very much appreciated prior to collection and receiving. I have had a few people coming unprepared (disorganized / disorganised / unorganized / unorganised / dis / un organized / organized) having to withdraw and grab the cash in the past which has wasted a lot of my time and it is very irritating. So pls respect and don’t be one of those. No other method / methods of payment will be accepted unfortunately. Nothing else. I do live in Brisbane, Queensland (QLD / Q). Local meet in person; pick up / arrangement to meet in BNE is available from me. Postage at / on buyer’s / purchaser’s expense is unavailable. This is a very desperate and an urgent sale. It needs / they need to go straightaway (as soon as possible / ASAP / immediately / straight / right away / fast / quickly / on the double / at once / forthwith / instantly / without delay / delays / straightway / speedily / Speedy Gonzales / Gonzalez). No returns will be permitted (permissible / approved) once sold and gone to the new owner / owners. The ad (advert / advertisement post commercial) will be taken off of (gotten rid of / discarded / removed / erased / cancelled / scrapped / deleted from) Gumtree and Carousell once all is sold. Desperately need to declutter / decclutter. I have received very high ratings as a Gumtree User for providing / giving customers / consumers excellent service for many years with a 100% reply rate awarded to me. I have had a number (No. / #) of (numerous / several / many) successful ads and sales in the past. P.S. Also - should you want to buy of anything additional / alternative, have a browse and go through my profile, check out at my other sale ads and let me know whatever you think and if you’re keen. The more bought / purchased from me the greater the discount that could be given / provided / applied to total purchase overall. Please click on my hyperlink (hyper link) to view my listings @ my Ads Command Centre / Center because (cos / coz / cause) there still is a lot more exploring to do. Definitely remember don’t forget. All the best of luck in the future. Thank you (Thanks / Thx / TY) for looking / browsing and reading. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Take Care & Kindest Regards Sahal

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