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$4 Absolute Bargain - Brand New Genuine Kmart Anko LED USB Touch Lamp







Please read all details within the following product description below. (Click “Read / See More” / (PLUS / Addition Symbol (Logo / Sign / Representation / Character / Mark / Figure / Icon / Ikon / Emblem / Indication) Highly recommended. $4 Absolute Bargain - Brand New Genuine Kmart Anko LED USB Touch Lamp as stated in the title. Still fully functional and effective up for sale / selling right now / to sell Looking / calling for all those people who fit these following Categories (category) and more of: Desk / Table / All Ages / Styles / Compact / Small / Light / Lite / Lightweight / Weight / Protect / Protects / Protection / Accessory / Accessories / Travel / Travelling / Home / Office / Work / Administrative / Admin / Administration / School / College / Uni / University / Assorted / Assortment / Assortments / variety / various / varieties / variation / variations / Misc / Multi (multipurpose (MP) / multiple / several / many / a lot / lots) purpose / Miscellaneous and for those style lovers and stylish users out there. About / Features & Descriptive details: Stylish and functional, this will be a perfect lighting accent for your desk or side table. 40 (H) x 10.5 cm (centimetres / centimeteres) / 400 (Height) x 105 mm (millimeters / millimetres) (base Dia. / diameter) There’s (There is) no plug adaptor / adapter charger included Plastic made 2.8 W (Watt / Watts) 14 pieces non-replacement LEDs Touch switch on lamp base For indoor use only SKU Code: P_42558194 Color / Colour Matte Shiny Winter White Classy and Sophisticated style. It is a (or they are / they’re) unisex (male and female) item / items. This is brand new and unused (never used). Not once / ever. It’s just in an absolutely (utterly / totally / completely / extremely / in total) immaculate (perfect / flawless / pure / pristine / crisp / spotless / squeaky clean as a new pin / gleaming / stainless / unblemished / not blemished / faultless) condition. Quite sellable (merchantable / vendable / vendible / marketable / mkt bl / capable of being sold / fit for sale / able to be marketed / saleable / salable. Comes / coming from an entirely / solely and very strictly nonsmoking (non / zero smoking permitted / no smoke) and pet / animal free environment. Now no longer required (vital / expected / obliged / needed) (not compulsory) for my use anymore (any more) whatsoever (at the least / in any way / by any means / at the slightest / of any kind). I have not used this item (and / or any of these other items listed) at all for a really long time and neither am I going / (intending / wanting) to do so and I am hoping that it can be sold and go to a good home for someone else who really wants it / them and will make great / the most use and especially the very best out of it. The price has been set to be fixed (firm / unchanged / not changed / unmoved / stable / definite / certain / solid) and is not negotiable / nonnegotiable. Any offers given / made won’t (will not) be accepted nor allowed and will be happily ignored (rejected / refused / abandoned / declined / denied). The items have been greatly, more than generously and significantly reduced. If you don’t wish to pay the advertised price as it is clearly listed and presented (displayed / shown / appeared) here then I strongly suggest that you purchase and obtain this item or these items from some one (body / where) (somebody / someone / somewhere) else (elsewhere). See photos (pics / pix / photography taken) on top of webpage (on line website / web site / page / pg). Have a look at the pictures above and if you do need a further clarification or more information (info / data) or have any other questions (queries / enquiries / inquiries / requests / a question (query / enquiry / inquiry / request)) whatsoever then please do not hesitate to simply contact me via Gumtree and Carousell online or mobile (cell phone call / text message (Txt Msg / SMS) / WhatsApp International Communication Services) at any time if you are interested. Please feel free to do so as you wish / like. Everything asked about regarding the specific product (products in particular) requested (asked for) will always be followed up continually (frequently / constantly / consistently / on an ongoing basis) until I’m 100% (1 / one hundred percent / per cent) sure that the buyer / purchaser has made a final decision on whether or not they want to make the purchase ultimately. Please don’t waste my time and keep me waiting. I need to know if I am selling at the end of it. Payment (Payments / Pmt / Pmts) must be made in full / total by cash ONLY. Correct coins change / notes / bills (coin / note / bill) denominations to be ready will be very much appreciated prior to collection and receiving. I have had a few people coming unprepared (disorganized / disorganised / unorganized / unorganised / dis / un organized / organized) having to withdraw and grab the cash in the past which has wasted a lot of my time and it is very irritating. So pls respect and don’t be one of those. No other method / methods of payment will be accepted unfortunately. Nothing else. I do live in Brisbane, Queensland (QLD / Q). Local meet in person; pick up / arrangement to meet in BNE is available from me. Postage at / on buyer’s / purchaser’s expense is unavailable. This is a very desperate and an urgent sale. It needs / they need to go straightaway (as soon as possible / ASAP / immediately / straight / right away / fast / quickly / on the double / at once / forthwith / instantly / without delay / delays / straightway / speedily / Speedy Gonzales / Gonzalez). No returns will be permitted (permissible / approved) once sold and gone to the new owner / owners. The ad (advert / advertisement post commercial) will be taken off of (gotten rid of / discarded / removed / erased / cancelled / scrapped / deleted from) Gumtree and Carousell once all is sold. Desperately need to declutter / decclutter. I have received very high ratings as a Gumtree User for providing / giving customers / consumers excellent service for many years with a 100% reply rate awarded to me. I have had a number (No. / #) of (numerous / several / many) successful ads and sales in the past. P.S. Also - should you want to buy of anything additional / alternative, have a browse and go through my profile, check out at my other sale ads and let me know whatever you think and if you’re keen. The more bought / purchased from me the greater the discount that could be given / provided / applied to total purchase overall. Please click on my hyperlink (hyper link) to view my listings @ my Ads Command Centre / Center because (cos / coz / cause) there still is a lot more exploring to do. Definitely remember don’t forget. All the best of luck in the future. Thank you (Thanks / Thx / TY) for looking / browsing and reading. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Take Care & Kindest Regards Sahal

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