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Actual price is Malaysian Ringgit RM 11.31 per roll of film In Malaysia I am selling RM 11.99 inc GST but since this one not used domestically so its GST exempt when send to Singapore I got also sell Fujicolor C200 u can check out my site : Plz feel free to PM me the full list of films I sell too I really enjoy film photography now and dont mind making new friends, I also sell films u can also ask me about them Interest please contact me at +60123375629 ( plz call if urgent ) thank you so much everyone =D I Love you as how King Jesus Christ Loves us all Have a blessed week ahead 🌈🌈🌈

Deal Options


Melbourne, Australia

Can meet me in KL Cheras Malaysia but for meet up the goods got GST I think later when u go back Australia u can claim back from customs, you can ask them how it works

Mailing or Delivery

the current trade options are 1 ) You can come meet me in KL Cheras Malaysia 2 ) I can arrange a P2P cooperative postage example like gather 2 -3 people then i post one shot to one person so everyone can split the postage fee accordingly This second option I think the cost can be around only RM 20 - 25 per shipment depending on volume and number of people involved 3 ) I can EMS courier directly to you for about RM 60 using Aramex Express ( first kg ) the price list for Aramex express shipping is as follows ( can buy more than 3kg also i can quote ) Each kg can hold about 25 - 27 pcs of film ( convervative amount is 25 rolls la ) 0.5 kg RM 52 Approx 1 kg RM 60 approx ( Approx RM 2.4 per roll ) 2 kg RM 77 approx ( Approx RM 1.53 per roll ) 3 kg RM 98 Approx ( Approx RM 1.31 per roll ) 5 kg RM 134 approx ( Approx RM 1.10 per roll ) 7 kg RM 152 approx ( Approx RM 0.87 per roll ) 14 kg RM 277 approx ( Approx RM 0.80 per roll ) 21 kg RM 394 approx ( Approx RM 0.76 per roll )