Beanie Kids collection x16 + beanie kids carry bag

Narre Warren, Australia

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Skansen Beanie Kids bulk x16 + FREE BAG All in very good condition. 1. Nutty the Squirrel Bear (tagged) 2. Ouch the Bear (tagged) 3. Harry the Soccer Player Bear (tagged) 4. Loopy the Toucan Bear (tagged) 5. Jester the Clown Bear (untagged) 6. Quasar the Alien Bear (tagged) 7. Peppa the Pussycat Bear (tagged) 8. Vroom the Racing Bear (untagged) 9. Nobbi the Gnome Bear (tagged) 10. Sly the Fox Bear (tagged) 11. Flame the Super Girl Bear (untagged) 12. Stitches the Ragdoll Bear (untagged) 13. Flora the Flower Bear (untagged) 14. Miki the Eskimo Bear (tagged) 15. Jack the Pirate Bear keyring x2 (tagged)

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Narre Warren, Australia