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Bodyboss TONE - high quality digital edition







This is the PDF-version only. Way cheaper than you would get on their official website. I've decided to share my version in a fraction of the price. \ PAYPAL PAYMENT ONLY / Quick delivery! What is BodyBoss Tone? BodyBoss Tone Guide is a 6 week step-by-step weights program, formulated with 2 cycles of 3 weeks. Using the 5-in-1 Method, the difficulty and intensity of each workout gradually increases, allowing your muscles to adapt and get stronger. BodyBoss Tone Guide is only available as a Print Edition. What is the 5-in-1 Method? With BodyBoss Tone, we have combined the science of rapid fat loss, lean muscle building, strengthening and injury prevention to create a holistic program that we define as the 5-in-1 Method. The program includes: HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), strength and resistance training, cardio, circuit training and mobility. How is the program structured? Mondays and Wednesdays are weights days, where we aim to progressively strengthen, tone and build lean muscle mass where you want it on your body. Tuesdays are dedicated to a recovery workout with light exercise, to keep those muscles moving. Thursdays are dedicated to cardio, but don't worry, you won't just be running at the same pace for half an hour! Fridays are the HIIT and pylometrics day, designed to shred that body fat. Saturday and Sunday.... You get your well-deserved rest days! Do I need any equipment to complete the workouts? This program is designed to spend two days in the gym, and three days at home. For your gym days, you will need equipment and machines that can be found in most gyms, such as a cable machine, leg press machine and lateral pull down machine. For the at-home workouts, all you need is an exercise mat, dumbbells, a bench, and a killer playlist! Is BodyBoss Tone suitable for beginners? If you are a beginner, we do recommend that you first try our original guide, the Ultimate Body Guide. This will help you increase your fitness and lose weight, before taking it to the next level with BodyBoss Tone!

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