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Brand New Bowl & Spoons & dish (sets Of 28)





Brand New Bowl & Spoons & dish (sets Of 28) 产品详情: Item details: 骨瓷是目前世界上唯一公认的高档瓷种,号称瓷器之王。君鑫骨瓷,拥有45%的骨粉含量,高于国际普通标准30%.经高温烧制,釉面与花纹装饰融为一体.不含对人体有害的铅与镉,是绿色环保瓷器,长期使用对人体有用。 Bone porcelain is the only acknowledged upmarket porcelain, known as ‘Lord of porcelain’. Jun Xin Bone porcelain has a 45% content of bone dust, higher than international standard of 30%. After high temperature burning, glaze integrate with pattern. This environmental friendly porcelain, without noxious lead and cadmium, is beneficial to human after long-term use. 我们的骨瓷:瓷质细腻,釉面润泽光亮 Bone porcelain: exquisite porcelain, crystal and moist glaze 透光效果好,清澈通透 good pervious to light, clear and transparent 轻轻触碰会发出悦耳的风铃声 tiny wind chimes will be created with lightly touch 清洗方便,油渍无残留 convenient clean, residue-free 产品特点: Product features: 强度高,经久耐用:骨瓷结晶密度大,瓷面强度高,不易产生刮痕 1.High strength, durable: bone porcelain has high crystal intensity, porcelain surface has high strength, and won’t cause cuts. 吸水率低,易清洁:高温陶瓷的吸水率低于2%,易于清洁不会吸附异味 2.Low water absorption, easy to clean: the water absorption of high temperature ceramic is lower than 0.2%, convenient to clean and won’t absorb odor. 汤煲类:宫廷煲的设计别具一格,儒雅的器形外观,实用且美观,彰显优雅气质 For soups: exquisite design of court pot, elegant appearance, both pragmatic and aesthetically appealing, reveal elegant temperament 盘类:器形精致美观,轮廓有型,光滑外壁,花纹更具观赏性 Plates: refined and beautiful shape, stylish, smooth surface, beautiful pattern with ornamental characteristics 碗类:金钟碗形贴合人手曲线线条,釉面光洁亮丽且不烫手 Bowls: golden-bell bowl are kept closer to curved lines of hands, glazed surface is bright, heatproof

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2018 Sep

Great seller to deal with! Prompt delivery! Punctual! Thank you!