Canon FD 50mm 1.2 L f/1.2 bokeh Canon FL the brightest lens great condition

Sydney, Australia

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The stuff of dreams... A very rare, very late f1.2 new FD, compatible with FL, FD and many mirrorless bodies on an adapter!    So rare as to be almost mythical, this insanely fast lens is perhaps the ultimate vintage Canon prime, offered here in simply excellent condition. With the exception of a few very exotic and hideously expensive rangefinder lenses, 1.2 is the fastest speed ever offered in the 'Normal' focal length range, this level of speed calls for huge expanses of precision engineered and horrendously expensive, high quality glass, housed in an equally precise, massive barrel to give the professional press photographer a tool used with high ISO film and specialist developing techniques to capture the most fleeting of moments in the lowest of light. This is truly a Professional lens, and came with a staggering price tag, so very few were sold worldwide.

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Sydney, Australia

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