CASIO watch G-SHOCK G-STEEL world six stations corresponding Solar radio GST-W110-1AJF Men's FREE SHIPPING FROM JAPAN

Sydney, Australia

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The set includes: body, box, instruction manual, warranty card is included in the instruction manual Richangshenghuo with enhanced waterproof: 20BAR IMPACT resistant structure Full Auto Double LED light: dial for LED light (afterglow function with afterglow time switch (1.5 seconds / 3 seconds)), (with afterglow, switching afterglow time (1.5 seconds / 3 seconds)) LCD unit for LED Backlight Product Description Brand Description: G-SHOCK that has built a new concept of toughness in a clockwise (Gee shock). All, Passionate belief of developers to build a watch that does not break when dropped, overturn the common sense of the time, began from the reckless and the true challenge. Is repeated trial more than 200, is spent Years of up to about 2 years, that the finished, Shock structure. The birth of the technology responsible for the tough core. Since then, G-SHOCK has been continued to defunct evolution the end. Structure, material, function. From all aspects, in pursuit of a further tough. From evolving G-SHOCK pursue toughness, adopted the "Layer guard structure", "G Steel" comes in. Using different materials in the bezel section, realizing a new impact structures by the layer structure of two layers. Using the resin in the bezel upper, the combination of fine resin at the bottom, newly developed impact structure to cushion the shock from the top. This has expanded the width of the design. Equipped with a multi-band 6 and Tough Solar corresponding to the world six stations. From the current position of the hour and minute hands with one push, just below a needle retraction function and in which the liquid crystal display can be read by temporarily saved, also equipped with double LED light that illuminates the dial. The new structure, spread the width of variation of toughness design, is the emergence of a new series "G Steel". We are Base in Japan Okinawa and sell local japanese products with local price to worldwide. Please look at the picture for the item we sell. We would only sell Authentic items from Japan and honest first. We accept paypal payment for trust and easy transaction experience. When we receive the payment, we would ship the items within 1-4 days (availability) to the customer country. Please feel free to contact us if you want to buy this item or have any items similar wanna to search from Japan. We would help to search and give you a quote with local japan price. There are many items only available for sell in Japan but we would help you to buy all of them with local price. ENJOY AND GREETING FROM JAPAN. ARIGATOGOZAIMASU !