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Hi guys! I am a recent graduate of the 2017 HSC, and I will be selling the notes that I've made and used throughout the HSC year! These notes are very extensive, as they have been formed through using various textbooks and state-ranker notes. As I am still waiting for my results, I will be selling these notes at a low price of $1.50 per module, or, $5 for all four modules (option module is Industrial Chemistry). Page count of each set of notes: 9.2 - Production of Materials - 35 pages 9.3 - The Acidic Environment - 36 pages 9.4 - Chemical Monitoring and Management - 42 pages 9.5 - Industrial Chemistry (Option) - 39 pages

Deal Options

Mailing or Delivery

To receive these notes, please email me for my bank details (for a bank transfer) through Once you have made the bank transfer, please re-email me with the structure: Name: (Carousell name) Payment: (Amount paid in AUD) Notes needed: (module names)