Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner BRAND NEW 8oz/236mls BRAND NEW & AUTHENTIC

Mildura, Australia

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BRAND NEW Cinema Secrets BRUSH CLEANER SIZE: 8fl. oz. or 236mls The most requested makeup brush cleaner in the entertainment and spa industries, Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner is known for its rich blue color, singular fragrance, and superior performance. Many top working professionals in Hollywood's entertainment industry rely on the quick-drying formula to clean, sanitize, and leave brushes with a pleasant scent. Safe for use with natural and synthetic hairs, the cleaner immediately dissolves all traces of wax, liquid, and powder residue from brushes. It's the only makeup brush cleaner that removes 99.9% of all bacteria and it conditions to extend brush life. Cleans and removes all makeup from brushes, including lipstick. Works with natural as well as synthetic bristle. Removes 99.9% of all bacteria Alcohol-free and non-flammable. Dries quickly for less down time. Conditions for longer brush life Leaves no oily residue Leaves a pleasant scent Environmentally safe Non-carcinogenic. Directions: For finger-sized brushes, use long strokes to gently wipe excess makeup on a tissue or paper towel placed on flat surface. Pour a small amount of brush cleaner in a tin or bowl, and quickly dip brush in cleaner. Remove immediately (Do not swirl or soak) Wipe clean on tissue with long strokes. Repeat a second time if necessary. Allow to air-dry for 2-5 minutes. For faster drying, lay brushes flat on non-porous surface, hold in place by handles, and fan hair dryer from six inches away for a maximum of 30 seconds. For larger blush and powder brushes, dip only 15% of the brush tip, then invert to allow liquid to flow to the bristle roots at the ferrule. Wipe clean and allow to dry. Ingredients: Hydrotreated Heavy Naphtha, Dichloroflourooethane, 1-Methoxy-2-Propanol, Isopropylparaben, Isobutylparabenn, N-Butylparaben, Fragrance, D&C Green #6 Cream cosmetics often "sweat" and form small beads of moisture on the surface. This is normal and does not in any way effect the quality of the product. P&H is Extra With Tracking $8.80 $45 Price is FIRM OFFERS BELOW LISTED PRICE WILL BE IGNORED Pickup Available NO HOLDS/NO SWAPS/ NO TIME WASTERS SALE IS FINAL