Cole & Mason Self-Watering Herb Keeper - Windowsill / Kitchen Pot - Brand New

Melbourne, Australia

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COLE & MASON Self-Watering Herb Keeper Brand New, Free Shipping DETAILS Self-Watering Herb Keeper
 • Carbon Steel container (powder coated) • Hydro-Felt Pad to allow herbs to draw water as desired. Pads can be rinsed with clean water • 4 pads included • Suitable for 1 pot (round or square) Fits up to 85mm diameter pot (base) • Cole & Mason branding (Vac metalised badge) • No need to re-pot • Easy to refill • Galvanised Steel container (powder coated) • Covered so less evaporation will occur • Contains approximately 300ml of water Item will be sent as soon as payment cleared.

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