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Greetings to all, my name is Rita, I have in my possession a Circa 1990's vintage luxury Fendi hand-beaded baguette handbag for sale. This particular handbag's colour combination is very rare as I am unable to find it's complete match anywhere else online. You will also receive the certificate of authenticity with this purchase. Please feel free to do your own extensive research on this item. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised at how extremely sought after this item truly is!! This rare collector's FENDI Baguette handbag has been painstakingly adorned with an exquisite hand-beaded outer shell pattern. This exquisite handbag is also additionally adored with a light pastel orange coloured Logo Buckle & even brighter Orange Leather Strap. Item details •Collectors Item •Rare •Vintage Materials •Leather •Beading •Embroidery •Fabric This extremely rare and beautifully crafted FENDI BAGUETTE handbag is simply put "An out of this world jaw dropper!!". Completely Hand Beaded in an Abstract Pattern Design, with the ICONIC "FF" Logo Buckle in a light pastel orange and Bright Orange Leather Strap. AN EXTREMELY WELL SOUGHT AFTER COLLECTOR'S FENDI BAGUETTE AND AN EXTRAORDINARILY STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL LUXURY DESIGNER HANDBAG THAT WILL HAVE YOU TURNING HEADS NO MATTER THE TIME OR PLACE!! LENGTH 10 1/2" HEIGHT 6" DEPTH 2" Made in Italy The bag is completely covered in embroidery and tiny beads, with a gorgeous geometric and abstract design all over the front, back, in iridescent colours of pink, blue, orange, green and purple. To complete the look, the front Fendi FF logo buckle is done in a pastel orange with addition of the leather strap taking on that bright almost neon orange tone. The beading and the embroidery are intact and in pristine condition. This gorgeously colourful stunning Fendi multi needlepoint beaded exterior with it's added accents of a snakeskin shoulder strap and buckle encapsulated within a baguette shaped core handbag will definitely turn heads whenever you walk into any room clutching it. There is no exterior damage, no missing beads and its interior panels are clean. I came into possession of this handbag in the very early 1990's. My boss at the time was married to a stunningly gorgeous lovely lady whom we all understood to have very exquisite taste in everything from properties to the humble kitchen appliances and everything in-between. My employer wanted to gift all his office staff something that would convey his gratitude for all of our hard work so his wife at the time suggested luxury handbags since they happened to be holidaying off the Coast of Italy at the time. I was very fond of both my boss and his wife so this sale is a regretful one but I'd much rather that this Rare Collectible Fendi handbag went to a home or collection where it will be used and loved rather than sit in my storage facility having only ever seen the light of day when someone requests a viewing. Please contact me for any additional photos, I am certainly happy and willing to oblige. HAPPY SHOPPING LADIES AND GENTS!!


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