OUT OF STOCK Crassula Ovata 'Jade Plant' - Succulent Plant in 10 cm Pot

Melbourne, Australia

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Crassula Ovata 'Jade Plant' Plant Description & Care Instructions Crassula Ovata is an attractive variety with plenty of colour, forming a miniature tree-like plant with a trunk and branches. This variety is quite often used as a bonsai plant due to its tree-like appearance. Crassula Ovata is a variety native to South Africa, and is commonly known as 'Jade Plant' or 'Money Tree'. This plant will grow flat round leaves which are mostly green in colour with a glossy finish. However when grown in sunny positions they can develop red outer edges. This variety is generally quite hardy and easy to grow, they love sunlight and don't mind water either. The can benefit from the occasional prune once mature. If you're looking for a indoor plant, Crassula Ovata will also make a good indoor variety if its basic needs of sunlight and water are met. Crassula Ovata can grow up to 90 cm high, and 90 cm wide, creating a nice shrubby plant which can be propagated easily. However when grown as a bonsai, it will grow up to 30 cm. This plant will flower permitting conditions are right. Small white star shaped flowers will form. This plant will also suit mass planting, container planting, bonsai, indoor and pots. Plant Specifications Your plant will be approx 10-15 cm tall, established with roots and with branches. Our plants are posted bare rooted (meaning out of a pot with most dirt removed from roots) to reduce spillage and plant damage. Your plant may vary from the specimen pictured, however we will ensure that it is of a similar size and in good health. Delivery Information We send out all orders on Monday to reduce the amount of time your order is in transit. For quarantine reasons we are unable to post to TAS and WA. We are able to combine postage so get in touch prior to purchase. Local pick up is also welcome from Melbourne, Ringwood 3134. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions. We do our best to estimate shipping costs accurately. If the shipping cost paid is greater than the actual shipping charges, we will happily refund the difference.