Customised Art - Calligraphy Writing Messages and Illustrations

Melbourne, Australia

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Picture(s) featured: Unique doodle gift cards reflecting both recipient's and sender's personality and identity fused together. Hence each card tells a story shared by both sender and recipient, intepreted by the artist. Two cards can never be the same. I'm offering customised illustration and calligraphy message writing for various occasions on any medium. Hand made cards (seasonal, wedding, graduation, birthday, etc), invitation, framed artwork, quotes, digitalised calligraphy, t-shirt, notebook cover and many more! Various lettering style and materials available by request. Pure calligraphy writing of first 10 words on A5 size paper starts from $5. Every word after at 10cts. Other sizes available at varying budget. Please allow adequate lead time for project completion as I am doing this during my spare time. If project is required urgently, I will make your project a priority and that means there would be express-charges imposed. Countdown to delivery of project starts only when deposit/payment is made. Thank you for your kind understanding. Critical information required to determine project cost: 1. What design/style are you looking at? (any sample pictures?) 2. What size, colour and weight of paper to use? 3. What are the names/actual messages to be written? 4. Any drawings required? 5. What is the purpose/occasion of the project? (This will help me personalise the outcome) 6. Deadline. When it is needed by. 7. Budget #calligraphy #lettering #melbourne #custom #custommade #handmade #diy #prints #digital #artwork #brushlettering #wedding #card #christmas #birthday #valentine #chinesenewyear #quotes #personalised #notebook #t-shirt #invitation #emboss #glitter #shiny #postcard