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Cyclops SEN-002 SINGLE STAGE SHOCK SENSOR Brand new in box... Ready for shipping.... Pickup Carlton Introduction Single stage shock sensor is the simplest way to detect physical impact against the car. Once the vibration level exceeds the set value, the alarm trigger signal is sent Operation Electro-Mechanical activation Sensor detects any vibration exerted upon the vehicle. An intruder is detected when the vibration exceeds the set level Vibration Protection Shock sensors will protect glass. Intruder attempting to interfere with either items will exert vibration upon the vehicle Temperature compensative circuitry Ensures sensitivity does not change as ambient temperature rises or falls Sensitivity adjustment Sensor allows installer to adjust sensitivity to provide compatibility with different size vehicles Visual Output Trigger status indicator LED indicator shows when sensor is triggered (dual stage/zone sensors include one colour for each trigger) Specifications Super low current draw 1.3mA when idle, 13mA when triggered for 2 seconds Wide Operating voltage Operating voltage +9VDC to +15VDC Operating temperature -20 degrees to +85 degrees for equipment designed to be installed within vehicle cabin Polarity protection The system circuitry is design to protect itself against accidental battery polarity reversal. This can happen when replacing the vehicle battery Trigger output rating Each output of the sensor can sink 300mA, suitable for energising relay coil when necessary Trigger output is back EMF protected Clamping diode protects the output driver transistor(s) to stop damage from the super high voltages that occur when a relay coil is released Power Consumption Each additional sensor added to a system will increase it's over-all power consumption from the car battery. See the list of each sensor's power consumption. Compatibility Compatible with Cyclops remote control systems Cyclops range of immobilisers/alarms : P355, P375, P375B, P385, P455, P485,P7

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