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DR SAVE Mini Vacuum Portable Travel Light Kit for Packing, Storage, Save space!







Dr. Save Handheld Vacuum Machine Sealer with Storage Bags and additional gifted wine savers! Tired of your suitcase becoming unorganized or run out of space when you travel? Wanting to fit more clothes, thick jackets, blankets, other soft materials, or even save space for souvenirs? Or the need to store sizable seasonal clothing into your closets? We have the answer for you: Compressed storage bag means that you can save more space in your suitcase space when travelling Reduce the size of soft items and save 70% of the space! Ideal for storing seasonal clothing Preserves, protect and maintain soft goods Quick and easy to use: This portable electric vacuum pump operates with 3x AA batteries and has the power to pull out all the air whilst substantially reducing the size of the soft products in the reusable compressed storage sealer bag. Tip: In order to vacuum your soft goods even more efficiently, you can manually squeeze out the air first and then use Dr save vacuum sealer machine to remove the rest of air! Additionally, 2 sets of wine savers would be added and gifted to you for the purpose of restoring the taste of wines after opening the bottle. To save the taste of the wine by placing the wine saver on top of the wine bottle nozzle and to use the vacuum sealer machine to remove all the air inside the wine bottle. Dr. Save Mini Handheld Vacuum storage Kit contains the following items: . Vacuum Sealer Machine . 2 Large storage bags (50x70 cm) . 2 Medium storage bags (40x60 cm) . 2 Wine Savers Frequently asked questions: 1) Are the storage bags reusable? YES 2) Does it crease clothing when stored in the storage bag? NO, the compression does not allow the soft goods to shift around, therefore they don't get creased when travelling. Simply take out and hang the soft goods. 3) Does this product require specific compressed bags or any types of compressed bags will do? This product (vacuum pump) works on vacuum storage bags that have a valve and using ziplock style sealing. 4) How long can the compressed bags be vacuum state once it is sealed? The compressed bags can last for approximately a few days, but it also depends on the external conditions (temperature etc.) and the items that are vacuumed. So what are you waiting for? Quickly Click Add to Cart to save all the time and frustration for travel. For furthermore information and visual instructions:

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