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FIFTH AVENUE SHINY METALLIC ROSE GOLD/COPPER GLASS JAR - LARGE Ideal for candle, planters, kitchen cannisters, office pen holders etc Not required any longer Dimensions: 125mm (h) x 100mm (w) Capacity: 455g (Wick CDN 24 or 26) Description from Wholesaler: Glass is opaque to the naked eye. When candle is on inside glass, the vessel is translucent, so you can enjoy the flicker of the flame. NB: When metallic paint is sprayed on the outside of glass the metallic finishes are not designed to be flawless. Finishes will be influenced by various environmental light filters, just like a mirror. What you see up close with the naked eye is not visible when placed on the table/bench-top/shelf. Postage via Aust Post Parcel Service/Courier Service No Returns Listed on other sites

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$13.80 by Australia Post Prepaid Satchel $15.65 by Australia Post 3kg express post Stacey or $9.95 if in Melbourne metropolitan area or $10.95 in any interstate metropolitan city area using courier service. If in remote or outside area courier service charge is approximate $15-$24. Quote will be obtained if courier service desired