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In the process of decluttering, I've decided to donate a few items. However, from what I understand, donating clothes is not always the best option because local charities are often inundated with a large amount of clothes which need to be sorted, etc. So I've decided to try and raise funds to give to the Starlight Children's Foundation instead. All you have to do is: 1. Search 'donation' to check out selected items. Make an offer of the item(s) you like 2. Donate using this link: (It's not a special one, you can just access directly on their website if you wish) 3. Donate the listed price of your item on behalf of me so I have a record of your donation. All I get is an email notification. You still get the tax deductible receipt. *for $0 items, you need to make a $2 minimum donation. 4. Screen cap your receipt (so I can see the amount donated) and send to me 5. Confirm postage and other delivery details with me, and PayPal me the postage (I'll cover the PayPal fee, or you can use f&f to avoid fees), or organise pick up 6. I'll send out items once I receive postage and all the necessary proof of donation (your screen caps and email etc) 7. Enjoy your items knowing you've contributed to brightening the lives of some seriously ill children!! *please do not donate until you've confirmed with me the postage cost. I'll only charge what I pay at the post office, so please do not haggle over postage cost! **have a look at the photos to clarify the instructions/process Thanks everyone!

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