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I have a couple of these from my trip to Europe. They retail for 69 Euros and have 4.5 stars on! Megapulse extends the shelf and usable life of lead-acid batteries of all types (wet, gel or dry) and sizes, by up to five times their 'normal' life. The greatest advantage of Megapulse Technology is that the user is assured of peak battery performance at all times, for a one-shot cost. Megapulse Technology is based on reversing the results of the natural electro-chemical reaction within the battery and preventing the future build-up of sulphates by keeping the plates clean and the electrolyte at optimum concentration. Batteries charge faster and deeper. They work harder and last longer than ever thought possible. It provides the following benefits: Ensures better performance by maintaining peak battery efficiency. Saves money on battery costs, by extending battery life dramatically. Saves electricity by increasing charge acceptance, so that batteries recharge faster and with better quality. Reduces load on the alternator for recharging and ready availability of cranking current for easy cold starts. Replacements of alternators and starters could be avoided or indefinitely postponed. Saves the Environment and ground water lead- pollution, by not having to discard batteries prematurely. On / Off Threshold Type 15689: 12.9 / 12.8 V, +/- 0.2 V Type 15692: 13.6 / 13.2 V, +/- 0.4 V Type 15090: 25.6 / 25.5 V, +/- 0.2 V Frequency safe and stable at approximately: 8000 Hz Direct connection via two single wires, red = PLUS, black = MINUS, Length approx.: 45 cm for the 12 V version or approx.: 75 cm for the 24 V version, equipped with spade lugs, fork width: 8 mm Dimensions (L x W x H): 100 x 93 x 30 mm Cutouts for screw mounting, Pitch: 85 x 60 mm, Max. screw diameter: 5 mm

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