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Greenfingers 250W HPS MH Grow Light Kit Magnetic Ballast Reflector Hydroponic Grow System







Features: Magnetic ballast Design for indoor growing Compatible with HPS or MH grow light lamp Endure long duty cycles and harsh grow room conditions Precision coil windings High quality capacitors Heavy-duty long grounded power cord Australian Power Supply – 240 volts 50Hz High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lamp Red & Orange Spectrum Ideal for flowering and blooming Thick glass housing Extra durability Enhanced wavelengths and lumen output power Metal Halide (MH) Lamp Violet & Blue Spectrum Ideal for vegetative Growth Thick glass housing Extra durability Enhanced wavelengths and lumen output power Bat wing reflector Ideal for small to medium area Penetrate the light in a downward focus Note: This reflector is fitted with a 3-pin round earth connection to plug it directly to the ballast. Rope Ratchet Hanger Secure reflector Lock in place Rust resistant Specifications: Input frequency: 50-60 Hz Input voltage: 220-240 Vac Output frequency: greater than 30 KHz Output power: 250W Power factor: greater than 0.99 Matching wattage HPS grow bulb: 2100k Matching wattage MH grow bulb: 4000-6400k daylight Maximum lighting distance: 15 meters Usage temperature: -40 to 55°C, with built-in thermal protection device fitted to 105°C and restarting at 55°C Package Content: 1 x Cool Tube reflector 1 x 250W HPS Grow Light Lamp 1 x 250W MH Grow Light Lamp 1 x Magnetic Ballast 1 x Rope Ratchet For more details, Kindly click the link below:

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