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Help You With Arduino Or Robotics Project



we will effectively do arduino programming and will help you in completing your Arduino based projects and assignments. i will teach you how to deal with all kind of Arduino boards and how to code them. I can work with almost all kinds of sensors. I'm expert in using Ultrasonic Sensor (Range sensor), PIR Sensor (Motion Sensor), Temparature Sensor, MPU6050 Gyro and Accelrometer, HMC5883L Magnetometer, Humidity Sensor, Pressure Senser, IR Sensor, LDR, RF ID, Serial Monitor etc... I am also proficient in dealing with DC Motors, Servo Motors, Stepper Motors, LEDs, NeoPixel RGB Led strips, Relays etc. My Sensor Skills: PIR (Motion) Sensor Ping Sensor Sound Sensor Temperature Sensor LDR other popular sensors. My Actuator/Output Skills: Relay Motor (DC Motor, Stepper Motor, Servo Motor) Brushless Motors Motor Driver circuit design Line Follower Robot LCD LED (Control and Patterns) Push Button Buzzer Speaker Modules: Bluetooth (its applications and use of Bluetooth Shield) GPS GSM ESC module Rotary Encoders Any other module What I do: Debug your code or Write a new code for your project idea with exhaustive comments (Premium). Free Circuit Diagrams, Schematics and Fritzing Diagram Free Project Rivisions Guide you throughout the project

1 year ago In Books

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2019 Aug

Thank you Bryce! It was wonderful working with you, look forward to keeping in touch : )