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(IGCSE Notes) A* IGCSE Add Maths Notes (Softcopy)







1 year ago

Hello everyone! 😃 I am currently selling my IGCSE softcopy notes (+ FREE Question Banks). I've managed to obtain A* for all subjects, Chemistry (93%), Physics (97%), Biology (91%), Accounting (95%), Maths (98%) and Add Maths (95%) and was awarded Top scorer in Physics and Accounting. My notes have helped my peers to obtain A's and A*s for the subjects. My notes are known for its vivid illustrations for better understanding, as well as detailed, summarised and organised information. 😇 My peers find my notes reliable as everything is straight to the point. It's also easier and more interesting to read and remember information due to the variety of colours and accurate diagrams. With my notes, I can ensure that these subjects will be much easier to understand. Do PM if interested, cheers! 🤗 * Other Subject Notes are available as well * Topics covered are shown in picture above * No shipping required * Please pm for samples * There will be a faint watermark at the centre of the page but will not affect the clarity of the notes (do pm for a sample)

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