Japanese traditional crafts | Arita ware pottery kiln changeable platinum brush eye via cup pair set | ceramist Fujii Nishiki FREE SHIPPING FROM JAPAN

Sydney, Australia

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Arita yaki art Pottery · Kiln deformed platinum Paintbrush ■ Author Fujii Nishika (Fujii Kinba) was born in Arita-cho, Saga prefecture, the birthplace of Japanese porcelain in 1976. Aspiring to the way of pottery, studying under the leading experts in various fields such as Mr. Masanari Inoue and Human National Treasures of Arita-yaki and Mr. Kawabe Norio Kawahara, masterpieces of modern times. We cherish hand-made and hand-painted minds, build a world of aesthetic sense and sensibility that harmonizes modern feelings with Arita-yaki's tradition and opens up our own style, a lot of prizes won prizes for each exhibition, It is also in the famous museum. In addition, solo exhibitions are held at art museums and department stores throughout the country, and art lovers are finding it. This work produced by Arita-yaki's long history and tradition-laden technology turning hand rokuro and excavating all compromises with sharpened skills is a gem of a gem that you can feel the splendor of Japanese traditional crafts . I want to tell hand-painted heart, handmade with the theme of "beauty for use" that sticks to the elongation taste, mouthfeel, touch and ease of use of the earth. Japanese food machine was born with such a feeling. In addition, it is very pleasing as a celebratory item, it is optimal as a souvenir such as gifts, corporate gifts, etc., regardless of the scene to give, it is a gem that is useful as a gift to each country's guest of the world. The color of a kiln change (color) that develops color during firing is characterized by a heavy and deep taste unlike paint. It is a work that can enjoy enjoying "coincidence beauty" with changes in glaze (glaze flow / discoloration). The coloring develops with the refinement of the kiln, color development changes with subtle changes such as firing temperature and humidity, the same thing can not be ever everyday goods. On the magnetic skin of the kiln we apply brush eye pattern with matte gold and platinum by our own technique. It is a luxurious work that blended contemporary senses with Arita-yaki tradition. Light and refreshing design makes it easy to hold firmly in hand. Please thinly taste the good mouthfeel of the mouth! ! Size · Height 11.2 cm Diameter 9 cm ■ Two Pair Set ■ It is handmade by Arita-yaki pottery artist · hand-painted work. ※ For handmade / hand-drawn, sizes and colors may be slightly different. We have delivered in a wooden box with cards stating the work history of Fujii Nishika and the selling agency. ■ How to handle · Because it is porcelain, there is no need for special care. ■ Free shipping! Available upon lettering to cover the back of Noshi Gift wooden box (Please use at the time of the gift, such as a souvenir), work is delivered into the wooden box wrapped in turmeric cloth (paulownia box). A wooden box (paulownia box) is a high-grade wooden box which I made a special order for a skilled craftsman. We are Base in Japan Okinawa and sell local japanese products with local price to worldwide. Please look at the picture for the item we sell. We would only sell Authentic items from Japan and honest first. We accept paypal payment for trust and easy transaction experience. When we receive the payment, we would ship the items within 1-4 days (availability) to the customer country. Please feel free to contact us if you want to buy this item or have any items similar wanna to search from Japan. We would help to search and give you a quote with local japan price. There are many items only available for sell in Japan but we would help you to buy all of them with local price. ENJOY AND GREETING FROM JAPAN. ARIGATOGOZAIMASU !