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Author of Fujii NishikiAya (Fujii Aya Kon) in 1976, Japan porcelain birthplace, born in Saga Prefecture Arita. Ceramic art of road-minded, studied with various circles of the guru, such as master craftsman, Tomeo said, Shizen Kanatake Mr. Kawahara of human national treasure Inoue Yorozu two Mr. and modern porcelain. To cherish the handmade, hand-painted heart, to now the world of aesthetic sense and sensibility in harmony the modern sense of the tradition of porcelain opened up to build their own style, many awards that flourished in each exhibition, works It has also been collections in famous museums. In addition, art lovers solo exhibition was held around the country of museums and department stores have only one claw. Turn the hand potter's wheel in the long history and tradition in backing the technology of porcelain, this work was fabricated discharge the any of compromise in the technique that has been honed is a gem of a gem can feel the beauty of traditional Japanese crafts . Handmade stick to growth taste, taste, texture, ease of use of the soil, the "beauty for," which became the only person to use the theme, ... want to tell a hand-painted heart. Japanese instrument was born in such a thought. In fact try to hand, it becomes a nicely and fit quite comfortable to use good Japanese instrument in hand. The Ruri 釉金 saturation plum picture coffee cup ■ Aya Kon, and fired at 1300 degrees over the glaze on top of the dyeing, and fired at painting alms to 800 degrees in the color paint porcelain tradition on it, red, green, incorporating the color, such as blue and yellow, it is further decorated with porcelain of the traditional style with a pattern use the money on it. In order to firing one by one each time to use the color of color, work and fired about 10 times from five times to one of the work is completed will be created. Incorporating in the original colors and layout of the brilliant Aya Kon is splendid and magnificent style. ■ withstood the severe winter, plum flowering ahead of other plants, it has been a symbol of the life force. Also, is revered as a good luck to bestow fertility and longevity amicably flower, it has also reportedly bring good match. Referred to as auspicious, it is the old-fashioned auspicious motifs. ■ This work is the work to enjoy the "chance of beauty" and change is not out of 釉調 Ruri glaze has been Kamahen during firing (glaze of flow-discoloration). Size cup height 6.7cm diameter 10.3cm diameter 8.1cm saucer diameter 13.9cm / handmade, the total hand-painted works of ceramic art writer of porcelain. ※ handmade, hand-painted total for, it may be slightly different, such as size and color. The card was clearly the work pottery history and distributor of Fujii NishikiAya in a wooden box you put to We deliver. ■ Since you are handling method and the porcelain of the Japanese unit There is no need of special care. free shipping! Available upon lettering to cover the back of Noshi Gift wooden box (Please use at the time of the gift, such as a souvenir), work is delivered into the wooden box wrapped in turmeric cloth (paulownia box). Wooden box (box of paulownia wood) is a magnificent wooden box that had you work in a special order to the skilled craftsmen. Products available to everyone, such as gifts and souvenirs are available. Goods, furniture and industrial ceramics, such as well-known hotel and restaurant all over Japan, and your gifts, such as government and city banks and corporate-like, offer a gem that is also useful as a kind gift to the country guest of honor of the world and which boasts a wide range of delivery results, such as upholstery of overseas Royal Palace. We are Base in Japan Okinawa and sell local japanese products with local price to worldwide. Please look at the picture for the item we sell. We would only sell Authentic items from Japan and honest first. We accept paypal payment for trust and easy transaction experience. When we receive the payment, we would ship the items within 1-4 days (availability) to the customer country. Please feel free to contact us if you want to buy this item or have any items similar wanna to search from Japan. We would help to search and give you a quote with local japan price. There are many items only available for sell in Japan but we would help you to buy all of them with local price. ENJOY AND GREETING FROM JAPAN. ARIGATOGOZAIMASU !