Kaymet 'What's Yours?' 1950s Cocktail Tray. Made in England. Anodised Aluminium.

Melbourne, Australia

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Kaymet 'What's Yours?' Cocktail Tray. Vintage 1950's, made in England, Anodised Aluminium Ware. This tray is a must have for your bar setting. Etched with recipes for cocktails, Fizzes, Highballs, Punches: Stinger; Pink Lady; Old Fashioned; Dry Martini; Bloody Mary; Daiquiri; Manhattan; Whiskey Sour; Champagne; Negroni; Gin Daisy; Orange; Tom Collins; Texas; Whiskey; Bizzy Izzy; Mint Julep; Scotch or Rye; St. Charles; Planters. Great Condition, very collectable, produced by reputable London Tray Company.

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Melbourne, Australia

Can deliver Sydney Metro Area