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Kids 1st Camera - Canon ELPH 490Z is a compact APS camera - Vintage and Used twice πŸ“ΈπŸŽžπŸ“· Bought this for $600 sat in my draw Comes with cover and instruction book The Canon ELPH 490Z is a compact APS camera, similar to the Canon IXUS APS cameras, introduced by Canon in July 1996. It has a circular lens cover, which hinges up to open, and houses the main flashgun and a smaller lamp for red eye reduction. The back has an LCD panel for settings display, a covered section for the date and title setting buttons, a "best shot selector" dial, along with the zoom control, viewfinder and mid-roll film rewind button Specifications Type: Compact camera Image size: 16.7 x 30.2 mm Lens: Canon 22.5-90, f/5.6-8.9 Focus control: Hybrid active/passive five-point AiAf (autofocus) system Object range: 0.6 m to infinity (0.35 m to infinity in close-up mode) Shutter type: Combination aperture and program electromagnetic shutter Viewfinder: Real-image zoom viewfinder Viewfinder magnification: Wide-angle: 0.29x, Telephoto: 1.16x Viewfinder information display: Inside viewfinder: Picture frame, C-type mask (for C prints), P-type mask (for P prints), Best Shot mode indicators. Viewfinder eyepiece area: Green indicator (OK-to-shoot/close-range warning), orange indicator (hand movement warning) Film loading: Automatic (with automatic blank film advance) Film winding: Automatic, single shot (normal) or continuous (action mode) Film rewinding: Automatic at end of film, rewind before completion available Frame counter: Sequential; counts up during winding and down during rewinding Self-timer: Electronically controlled ten-second shutter delay timer, activated by shutter button. Self-timer lamp/red-eye reduction lamp on front panel blinks to indicate time, and frame counter shows seconds remaining Remote control function option: Infrared remote control (Canon RC-5) system is activated by emitter button; includes two-second delayed shutter release Metering range (ISO 100): Auto/flash ON modes: Pick up in Mentone or in Richmond only on a Mon to Wed 9-5pm

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