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Ok, so a couple of weeks ago I decided to buy a laptop and after scrolling through some options I came across this women claiming to sell a fully functioning Mac. From the information she provided me it looked like a good deal so I whent along with the purchase. First of all she told me that she wouldn't send the laptop until the money was in her account (I sent her a reciept of the transfer from my account to hers) because her boyfriend had been scammed in the past so of coarse I was understanding and said it was fine. A couple of days later I received the laptop and everything was fine. I go to turn it on and firstly it takes forever to even start up (she told me it was fine, "like new" she said) so that was worrying. Then I try to re download the operating system El Capitan OS X system and it says it cannot be recovered. After three days of racking my brain around why it wouldn't let me download the operating system she tells me "oh just take it to Apple" first of all I live an hours train ride away from the nearest Apple Store as I do not drive, secondly, why do I have to go to apple in the first place when you told me that it was "like new". After tiredly trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with the computer my boyfriend and I deducted that this women had deleted the operating system while trying to reset her computer to wipe her information off of it. I called apple and they came to the same conclusion. So I messaged her and told her what she had did with no help from her as she "didn't know" what had happened to the computer "it should work like new" again. She agreed and apologised end I requested $70 back from the purchase as it was not what I paid for. Which essentially was a shell of a computer ;( . Then she tells me she's going overseas the next day and that she would keep in touch and agrees I deserve some money back even it is to cover the cost for the operating system and having to get the guys at Apple to reinstall the operating system. Then surprise, surprise I hear nothing back from her. For days I've been messaging her asking what was going on and if I was going to get some money back for her idiotic mistake and nothing. DONT TRUST THIS SELLER!! She ripped me off and has the nerve to tell others of her quarrels with fraudulent behaviour lol! So disappointed with this whole event. Don't disappoint yourselves too! Xx

2 years ago In Women's Clothes



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2017 Apr

Item delivered as described with prompt delivery!