Luoyiman sunglasses Wellington ladies lightweight uv cut polarized popular fashion sunglasses black LOOK MORE SLIM (FREE SHIPPING FROM JAPAN)

Sydney, Australia

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Product basic information: Frame length: approx. 132 mm, lens part width approx. 60 mm × height approx. 50 mm, nose pad part distance: 17 mm Weight: Approx 30 g Polarized lens used It is a design full of luxury with a gradation lens recommended for UV care. Lens large sunglasses which guards important eyes from ultraviolet rays with UV 400. You can not miss not being able to fit perfectly on your face as it is a full fit model that is also easy to fit the facial outline of the oriental line. Casual sunglasses that you can take with you for travel and resort to feel free to come with a case that protects from scratches and a glasses wipe. Product Description Luoyiman's sunglasses In case of Polarized lens The characteristic of the polarizing lens is not to reduce the light which is colored, but to show the vision clearly by cutting the reflected light. For example, by suppressing diffused reflection of light, you will be able to see fish underwater well. Moreover, reflection of roads and dazzling of oncoming car lights can be reduced, so you can drive comfortably. UV countermeasures are necessary throughout the year, while there are images of "summer" that have a lot of ultraviolet rays, but actually it needs attention before that. From spring to autumn, about 70% to 80% of ultraviolet radiation falls over the year, and in June June it will be about the same amount of ultraviolet radiation as in summer. Even in February, the amount of ultraviolet rays is 80% of midsummer, so it can be said that UV protection measures are necessary throughout the year. Since the lens was made by polycarbonate, it is ultraviolet (UV) protection performance, and you can cut 99% of adverse affected ultraviolet light properly. From sunlight, it also protects from light emitted from computer screens and interior lighting. Attention lens: 9 layer coating can be used, 99.99 ultraviolet ray can be cut. We are Base in Japan Okinawa and sell local japanese products with local price to worldwide. Please look at the picture for the item we sell. We would only sell Authentic items from Japan and honest first. We accept paypal payment for trust and easy transaction experience. When we receive the payment, we would ship the items within 1-4 days (availability) to the customer country. Please feel free to contact us if you want to buy this item or have any items similar wanna to search from Japan. We would help to search and give you a quote with local japan price. There are many items only available for sell in Japan but we would help you to buy all of them with local price. ENJOY AND GREETING FROM JAPAN. ARIGATOGOZAIMASU !