M340-WC Access Point, an Ethernet Bridge or a WDS repeater

Canberra, Australia

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Introduction : 1. M340-WC can be configured as an Access Point, an Ethernet Bridge or a WDS repeater, in infrastructure and AD-HOC modes. It also supports the MODBUS/TCP, PROFINET and Ethernet/IP industrial protocols. 2. It supports the IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/h/n WiFi standards (2.4 / 5 / 5.4 GHz), for a maximum data rate of 108 Mbps in the super A/G mode and an output power of 100 mW. 3. M340-WC can be connected directly to the M340 CPU in slave mode or even to a M340 NOE is master mode for distributed I/O and I/O scanner modes support. 4. The product is integrated in a M340 module single slot format enclosure with a 2 dBi removable antenna (RSMA connector) for 300m coverage (LOS) and up to 5Km with a high gain directional antenna. 5. M340-WC is powered from the +24VDC available on the M340 backplane, power consumption is limited to 3.5W; furthermore module is hot swappable during operation for simplified maintenance. 6. LED enable to monitor LAN / WLAN activity and also to display the quality of the radio link in order to get the best result while installing the device. 7. The device uses a built-in switch in order to offer 3 Ethernet 10/100 ports available on three RJ45 connectors; one port is reserved for the M340 CPU connection. 8. Thanks to its built-in WEB interface, the setup of the device is achieved using a web, and M340-WC doesn't require any additional software to be installed (no peripheral driver needed). 9. M340-WC is designed for industrial applications: data collection, PLC connection, and to satisfy to severe requirements in terms of operating environment: from -20°C to +70°C.