MAC RE-CONSTRUCT label- Black silk and hand painted cotton (over stitched) dress with collar BRAND NEW

Wembley, Australia

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MAC RE-CONSTRUCT label - black silk dress with button through from below waist all the way to collar with hand painted overlay cotton pieces stitched onto dress. Puff elastic sleeve. Size 10 (loose) or size 12 more fitted. Uneven hem line. Shoulder to hem 37 inches, shoulder to sleeve edge 6 inches, bust 35/36 inches (from back to front) and waist 34 inches. From wait to hem kicks out (not fitted). Funky fabulous new look. Wear as it is or put white tie (included) around neck, ear over jeans or open up buttons to waist and wear over black or white shorts. Very cute also with long boot. BRAND NEW - still original labels and swing tags on.

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anywhere in Australia - depending on express or 7 days postage $20 to $25 or pick up 0$'s