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The GEL INFUSED MEMORY FOAM ORTHOPEDIC DOG BED respond to heat and weight by compressing and moulding themselves to your dog's body. That means when sleeping on a memory foam mattress, for example, hips, joints and other protruding or heavier body parts sink in more deeply, relieving pressure on them and distributing your dog’s weight evenly over the mattress. Memory foam mattresses are consequently marketed as bestowing a good night’s sleep, especially for those with joint, hips and other problems. Because they cradle and absorb movement. When it’s not using the mattress, pillow, whatever, the cells decompress and return to their original shape. 3" Pillow-Top Headrest Design to provide better resiliency for your dog's head and neck comfort. Double-Layer Technology to provide incredible support and comfort 5 cm Top Layer - Advanced Technology GEL Infused Memory Foam 13 cm Bottom Layer - High Supportive Base Memory Foam Advanced Technology GEL Infused Memory Foam can help your dog warm in winter and cool in summer!!! Hidden Zipper around and under the bed to avoid chewing or destructive behavior. Removable and washable outer cover made with durable and thick faux suede fabric. Waterproof Inner Cover to protect the Memory Foam Bed from water, vomiting or urine. Anti-Slip bottom finish to provide extra grip on the floor!!! DEFAULT COLOR: CHOCOLATE SIZE: L: 122 X 76 X 18 (CM) --- (AUD $130.00) OPTIONAL OUTER COVER: CHARCOAL, KHAKI --- (AUD $30) XL: 132 X 86 X 18 (CM), --- (AUD $190.00) OPTIONAL OUTER COVER: CHARCOAL, KHAKI, GREEN --- (AUD $45) XXL: 152 X 122 X 18 (CM), --- (AUD $285.00) OPTIONAL OUTER COVER: CHARCOAL, GREEN --- (AUD $55) COVER MATERIAL: FAUX SUEDE FABRIC SHIPPING WEIGHT: APPROX. 7, 8.5, 12KG CARTON DIMENSIONS: 81 X 35 X 35 (CM), 91 X 35 X 35 (CM), 127 X 35 X 35 (CM)

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