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Natural gemstone for collection ( dragon tuhea thaeat )







3 weeks ago

stock : 1 (natural motif and gemstone dragon tuhea thaeat ). there is only one natural price can be discussed. Natural old ring stone with rare motif. You can order yourself a new ring grip to your taste at a jeweler. natural motifs and stones. You are a collector of unique and rare gems and want to be different and not the same. This is a collection of stones to suit, classic and unique. Guaranteed natural stone and natural motives Only experienced collectors know why this classic stone is so attractive despite its ugly handle and what it is. Before buying please contact first for stock availability because according to the photo and there is only one stone for one photo of this unique and rare natural stone. information: e-mail :

information plan : My plan is to auction 2 natural gemstones in June or July 2023 belonging to my friend, if he sells and doesn't change his mind, then I will promote his gemstones in that month. 1. The name of the gemstone is the Crown of the Sultan / King a natural gem that can carve the history of a kingdom from the beginning of an empire, even though the stone was just bought. It's a priceless gem and it will be even more valuable if it is used by a king and can be used as a hereditary legacy of a kingdom. opened the lowest price of USD 3 billion 2. Waiting gemstone, a gemstone that has high artistic value and can tell the observer different stories. a natural gemstone that has a natural pattern that can convey feelings through the color and pattern of the scenery. It's amazing for a natural, not synthetic or hand painted work of art. open as low as USD 150 million


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