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DESCRIPTION L’AFFAIR Rainbow 3-Step Skin Renewal Mask (AC Dressing) combines Facial Foaming Cleanser, High Functional Ampoule and Skin Renewal Mask. It targets and improves different skin problems; provides intense hydration and refines skin texture. It is a functional mask for acne skin that helps soothing, calming and hydrating. It helps diminishing pigmentation and brings back healthy and soft skin. HOW TO USE 1. Use Step 1 Foaming Cleanser for cleansing face 2. Apply Step 2 Ampoules Soothing Solution on face 3. Fit the Step 3 mask on face for 15-20 minutes. Remove the sheet and pat the remaining Essence from the packet onto skin to be absorbed. TIP It is the most effective way possible to use the product successfully for 4 weeks in due consideration of a skin turnover cycle.

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Sydney, Australia

Possible based on proximity to Oatley, Mortdale, Padstow, Riverwood. Happy to drop off if within 15-20 mins drive. Please PM me re: location.

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Free postage within Australia