Frankston East, Australia

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THE PRO SHOW light is BUILT to HAVE the BEST utilizing high efficiency LED's and provides soft diffused lighting, which is ideal for digital product photography. THE PRO SHOW OFF LED Ring light cannot only be used directly on the lighting stand included in the pack but it can also easily be added to a camera and tripod in A SELFIE x CONVENTIONAL STYLE.....THE camera ring light mode also includes phone links for QUICK snaps of the BEST shots. THE PRO SHOW OFF has AN ASSORTMENT of controls for color temperature, contrasting, brightness WITH beautiful FULL capture finishes. COMPLETE with a BUILT in cradle for your smartphone or your OWN magnifying or JUNO make-up mirror IT ensures impeccable PRECISION. NO FAULTS, realistic and non faux 'friendly' coverage, ASSISTS in training, TUTORIALS or DEMONSTRATIONS and ENSURES that as a PROFESSIONAL YOU can secure NO mistakes!! NOT only will your options give you a brilliant FOCUS and insight in self CRITIQUE but you are also able to adjust the tones to add cool or warmth. THIS DIVA has just been announced as the NUMBER 1 newcomer for a - Live Stream or FOR the perfect sett up for any selfie videos with your smartphones connectivity and EASY to use options!! NOT only does it work beautifully in capturing shades and focus but can assist in INTERVIEWS, solo or group tutorials, MUAS or techs wanting to secure their attention and viewers - AND get free gifts like those lucky INSTA BLOGGERS i love!! BUT also for updating, learning and refreshing your own talents!! The Pro LED ring light gives AN AMAZING balance WITH a lighting effect on the face, removing the harsh shadows upon your customization and setting features. NOT to mention the DIVA PRO is completely massive and over powering with capture space so it will catch the sparkles in the eyes and brightens up a complex almost IMMEDIATELY. AND evenly..... TO TOP it off - This light also comes with a power adjustment dial which allows you to adjust the output according to your needs..... SO this means you can use the PRO diva light for PRODUCT photography and have all the HARSH shadows withdraw as it ALLOWS you to take close up shots without shading and reflections!!! SO - WITH your MAGNIFYING flip open, magnifying mirror or your SMART phone access you can do selfie videos or Facebook Live Stream with proper lighting.... INCLUDING a mirror that you can mount in the middle of the ring light - GOSH ANYTHING else - it really does probide everything you need to have it really easy for you to see the effect AND capture and create your SCENE!! For total STAGE PRESENCE? With: Beautiful and uniform lighting Exquisite knob with 3200K-5600K flexible conversion temperatures Available for the brightness from 0 to 100 percent The bright LED offers circular and uniform lighting Cooling air vent gate with double cooling mode, cooling tube, to ensure the normal use of 50000+ HOURS Smartphone clamp Cosmetic Mirror SLR Mount Light Stand (Tripod) Color temperature: 3200-5600K CRI (Ra>) : 95 Power :48W Input Voltage(V) : 110V Illumination (LM): 2700 Lm Life of LEDs: 50,000 hours Diameter: 30.5/45.6cm (inner/outer) MANUFACTURERS warranty shipping by courier and insured shipping: 510.00 Your receipt incase of any issues will be included in your invoice with your shipping and packaging. Manufacturers warranty is included in pricing and Australian Wide shipping is welcome included in price. Invoice and warranty clearance for safe buy and sell protection with Paypal and ABN registered business account for transfers Please respect over public holidays and the holiday season some delay may occur but we will ensure your complimentary gift of a professional 10 x Magnifying Dome Mirror is sent to you as a extra present from us to you!! Please request email invoice by giving your details, address and preferred payment to not be added to any held up shipping during holiday season and look at other listings for combined shipping. Pricing includes warranty for any damage or faults Shipping and secure tracking by courier with proper materials.

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Pricing includes warranty for any damage or faults Shipping and secure tracking by courier with proper materials.