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Academy Award winning director and star Kevin Costner has created a rich, powerful and mythic re-interpretation of the classic wester. Set in 1882 on the edge of the wild frontier, the battle for the soul of the American dream has just begun. Spearman and Waite are honourable, honest-living Prairie men, driving cattle in a land where nature makes the only laws. But they make the mistake of driving their herd through the land of a bitter rancher named Denton Baxter. He rules the district through tyranny and fear; and cares little for the legal free-grazing rights granted to lowly workers like Waite or Spearman. Bound to each other and the time-honoured Code of the West, Spearman and Waite are forced to confront corruption and violence head on. For the first time in their lives they will be drawn into a remorseless, age old pact: kill or be killed; see justice done or die trying.

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